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2009_0019, originally uploaded by guerillustrate.

Saw Mastodon tonight. That was pretty rad. I love that band. I missed Converge though which really sucks. Stupid show started WAAY to early (and way too on time! Since when do shows start on time?!!).

Anyway. Came back to the office and at about midnight started doodling in photoshop and reading blogs on the internet. Part of me wishes I went home and went to bed because now it’s 5:50 in the morning and I already came into work late TODAY, I don’t want to make it two days in a row! But another part of me is extremely satisfied with the progress I’m making with my photoshop skills. I’m quite proud of the the state I managed to push this piece to. Generally all my paints are really rough and nowhere near a finished stage. This one feels much more complete and fully rendered to me.

This picture makes me think of a pin-up girl done in the style of an air-brushed lifesavers candies advertisement. I don’t know. The little shiny reflections make me think of candy. I’m hungry and tired. I’m going home.

She also reminds me of Debbie Harry. Did I spell her name right? the Y and IE is like interchangeable. It could very well be Debby Harrie and I’d never know the difference by listening to it! Regardless of spelling, the resemblance is incidental; I didn’t use any reference.


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October 8, 2009 at 11:56 am

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