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2009_0020, originally uploaded by guerillustrate.

Did a quick speedpaint tonight. Should’ve made a decent sketch before I started painting, but oh well… such is the price one pays for laziness.

But MAN, I’ve been learning a CRAZY amount of stuff lately! I’m totally getting this painting thing now. I’m on some next level business now. I’m definitely gonna be doing a lot of paints this next while.

First of all, we had a holiday on Wednesday here for Remembrance Day, so I had the day off and I was at home when some Jehova’s Witnesses came to the door. It’s the same two every so often, always coming by to drop off their little magazines. Generally I’m just shootin breeze, takin a looksee at what they got and in a few minutes they go. No harm done to no one. But I flipped through one of the little thingers they gave me and there’s this page of illustrations that are just DEADLY. Now, I can’t be sure, but it sort of looks like they might just be traced over stock photos of people… but regardless of how the original artist did it (unfortunately no credit is listed for the illustration), the VALUES and the COLOURS are just laid out like arithmetic. It’s just phenomenal how something ALMOST photorealistic can be portrayed with such economy of colours. So I just sat and studied these picture for like 2 hours. I put the magazine down and went to bed, but I got it. I got what was going on in there. Though I may not be able to reproduce it yet, I know what it is now.

And I also finally signed up to Mostly because I thought I had to sign up to download this one video off the forum, only to find out afterward that you actually have to pay for it whether you’re a member or not. SLAP.

Anyhow, been pouring over the forums and there is some GOLD in there. Particularly Steven Stahlberg’s overpaints correcting/making suggestions to other artist’s work. Just fantastic learning material to be had. I’ve probably spent a total of at least 10 hours this week studying that stuff. I am back in school like nobody’s business.

Anyway, despite how poor this speedpaint is, I can definitely see where the wealth of knowledge I have harvested the last few weeks is coming into play.

Also, painting lots on my DS is making a difference too. It’s totally changed my photoshop workflow. Brushes is for bells, textures are whistles; the hard and fast of it is a solid round brush. That’s ALL you need for the basis of a good paint. The rest is just cherries on the top.

I get it now. I get this painting business. FINALLY. Can’t wait to start putting it to use and getting some RESULTS!


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November 13, 2009 at 8:32 am

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