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Guerillustrate is the chronicling and documentation of the progress of three individuals who are just really into the idea of making images by hand. This includes all forms of drawing, sculpture and painting by both traditional and digital means or any combination thereof. We do not profess to be anything more than we are. Take our work for what it is; a single step along the way of a neverending process to hone our craft. There is no limit.



BORN: 1982
OCCUPATION: artist for XGen Studios Inc, freelance illustrator, musician, producer
LIKES: graphic novels, art nouveau, modern architecture, good geometry, sexy typefaces, graff, kitties, speculative fiction, victorian wallpaper, good music, clean lines, dirty textures, pretty girls, close friends, nature, chemical vices, a good burger, tokyo, writing words, reading words, sleeping in
DISLIKES: going to bed, cubism, bugs, egos, assholes, violence, suburban sprawl, shit-talkers


BORN: 1987
EDUCATION: 4th year Illustration student at ACAD
FAVORITE THINGS: comic books, music, school, friends, trees, colour, 1960’s National Geographic magazines, industrial design, portraits, 2H pencils


BORN: 1980

DOES: I write incredibly boring software and make my boss a millionaire.  Sometimes I draw pictures with these dudes and it makes me happy.

INTO: Bicycling around town.  Grant Morrison.  Cheap pizza.  3-hour naps.  Settlers of Catan.

NOT INTO: Skunky beer.  Celebrities.  People who talk on their cellphones while driving.  Databases.


Written by zee

June 6, 2008 at 7:49 pm

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